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Welcome to our Website!

Our consulting firm specializes in connecting individuals and organizations with experts in the areas of:

1.  Academic/Scholarship

  • doctoral research consulting
  • data entry and tabulation services
  • survey and research design services
  • statistical analysis and grantsmanship
  • web-based/internet survey design/posting 
  • adult education planning and implementation
  • nursing curricular design and implementation
  • specialized accreditation document and visit preparation

2.  Business/Professional Development

  • consultative sales 
  • strategic planning
  • advertising consulting
  • market/segment research
  • small business logo design
  • professional/business card design
  • web-based/internet survey design/posting
  • resume, manuscript, report editorial services

3.  Healthcare

  • balanced scorecard reporting
  • rural health clinic management
  • organizational structure and business plan
  • laboratory compliance and proficiency testing
  • insurance, reimbursement, and billing consultation
  • quality assurance planning and clinic/provider compliance


4.  Informatics

  • domain development
  • website design and maintenance
  • small business email management
  • research and grant development/supervision
  • information/knowledge acquisition/management
  • powerpoint podium and poster design/reproduction

To summarize - our goal is to get you implementing, not just planning! Our work is geared to producing bottom line outcomes by using the context of your personal and organizational goals to develop the strategies and actions necessary for your success.

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